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Self-hypnosis and recorded meditations are effective as a general method of relaxation and to help you achieve general growth and spiritual goals.


If you, however, would like a meditation tailored specifically to your needs, we can record an individual track just for you. We would take into account your particular challenges, and the imagery that works for you, and we would use the memory of your life in order to recreate the moments of joy, love, and fulfillment.


Individually tailored recordings are particularly useful in altering behaviour around addictions, unhelpful habits, trauma, weight issues, and the like, as those can be particularly knotty issues. We love working with these because the before and after contrast is remarkable. However there is no way of dealing with them in a generalised fashion.


Please contact us via email to request a tailored recording. We will schedule a video call in order to get an idea of what is required and the final product will be emailed to you in MP3 format which can be stored and played back on any of your personal devices.


The 30-minute consultation and your personal recording will come at a cost of $150 AUD.


Happy meditating!


Black Cat & Co.