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From  “Brains: Journey to Resilience”, Alberta Family Wellness Initiative.

Often, it is said that the negative childhood experiences or traumas (ACEs) affect not only our mental, but also our physical health. Researches have now discovered that the positive childhood experiences (or PCEs) also matter. A right mix of ACEs and PCEs, they found, may create emotional (and mental/physical) resilience. 


Take the Resilience test to find out where on this scale you may be. And remember - no test score is a sentence. The way you live your life is completely up to you.


We live in a fast paced rapidly changing world, which our psyche and soma sometimes struggle to keep up with. Rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, feelings of overwhelm, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, reduced cognitive abilities, unfounded fears and persistent thoughts are just some of the more common symptoms of unmanaged stress. Take the K10 test to see if your mind and body could use some extra support to manage stress.



With all the help available from experts, why have so few couples found the secret to keeping love alive? Between busy schedules and long days, sometimes we simply forget to express love… And sometimes we have very different ideas as to what love actually means to each one of us. And how we express it. Gary Chapman came up with the concept of 5 Love Languages. Take the 5 Love Languages test today (with a partner or on your own) to find out how you give and receive love.

Depression and anxiety…. The words that are bantered around so much, and not enough. Antidepression medication is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs by the GPs in Australia today, on the steady increase since 2015.  Women in particular are being prescribed sertraline more, likely due to depression linked to cumulative life traumas, according to the director of the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre Professor Jayashri Kulkarni [NewsGP article by Dr Alan Graham MacKenzie   5/12/2020 9:21:11 AM]. While medication is effective and necessary for some people with symptoms of depression and anxiety, therapies such as hypnotherapy, CBT, DBT and others can often be very effective in treating symptoms as well as their root cause. DASS21 is the standard test, developed by Lovibond and Lovibond. It can be used to self-assess the severity of distress associated with Depression, Anxiety and Stress.   


Personality tests are one way to know the unadulterated truth about who you are – right? Not always… Some tests are more objective than others. Some are more expensive than others. Some are just… well… baloney. At Black Cat and Co. we found a test that seems accurate, objective, very hard to BS through, statistically based and costs less then $10USD. Here is the link -




Trigger warning – doing this test might provoke negative feelings. That is ok – those are the stuff shadow work is made of, and as such, can be good medicine for the soul.